Norman "Dr Blue" Katz, Ph.D.

Autogenics CD

used to treat Anxiety and Promote Relaxation

by Dr. Norman Katz 

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Dr Norman Katz, PhD

Behavioral Medicine Consultant/Hypnotherapy


Dr. Norman Katz, Ph.D.
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Norman W. Katz, Ph.D. has been practicing healing psychology evaluations and interventions for over 30 years.I was trained at Washington University in St Louis MO where I received a PhD in clinical and experimental psychology and interned at Harvard University Children's Hospital Clinics.  Since then I have taught and done research at the University of New Mexico, where I was an assistant professor in the Psychology Department and Associate Clinical Professor in the Medical School in Family Practice and Psychiatry. I founded the Erickson Institute for Clinical Hypnosis in 1970 with Milton H. Erickson MD and trained hundreds of physicians  in medical hypnosis. I  have taught internationally in China and  Southeast Asia in recent  years.

A Party For Your Soul

What to expect by attending A Party for Your Soul tm

  • Develop your creative ecstatic expression.
  • Based on recent brain science and ancient techniques that release ecstasy.
  • Part one —  Dr. Blue will teach trance skill and ecstasy training
  • Dinner Break
  • Part Two —  Chakra journey — party for your soul.
  • Dr Blue along with DJ Adem Joel’s music from his full size sound system will facilitate both the training and the party for your soul.


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I offer services in the following areas: clinical  hypnosis for behavior change, including relaxation training, smoking cessation, weight loss and more.  We can work on problem solving for life issues; enhanced performance in sports, business and creativity. Hypnosis can assist in the management of stress, pain, and physical discomfort;  enhanced health, including  immune response, lifestyle change, etc; creating positive mood states, and alleviation of depression.  I also offer self hypnosis training, behavioral analysis and intervention, consultation with families  and groups.  Hypnosis for finding lost objects. regression  work for past lives, childhood issues and future enhancement.

Behavioral Medicine Consultant