Behavioral Medicine Consultant

Norman "Dr Blue" Katz, Ph.D.

1.  Is hypnosis dangerous?  not in the least.  hypnosis is the science of attention focusing
and naturally occurs in all human beings.  guiding this process for clinical therapeutic outcome
is a professional skill and art that i have been doing for over 30 years!

2.  Is hypnosis sleep?  no  it is not.  while some individuals may get so relaxed they feel like
they are sleep, clinical hypnosis is not a sleep state, and the client easily returns to
their normal state of consciousness at the end of the session.

3.  Can hypnosis cure medical conditions?  hypnosis is not a medical procedure, it is
a behavioral intervention that  helps clients naturally enhance the physiological processes
that enhance health and minimize negative processes in the mind/body systems

4.  Can you remember childhood memories or past lives with hypnosis?
almost all memories from one's past are re accessible with hypnotic processes.
past lives can be "re-imagined",,,, and their interpretation is open to the clients preferences

5.  Can someone be controlled with hypnosis? definitely NOT.  the Manchurian Candidate

movie was fiction, and no one can be ordered to do something against their belief system
in hypnosis effectively.

6.  Is hypnosis enjoyable?  Most clients love the relaxed, carefree feeling of learning how
hypnotic talent can be used to relax one's mind, one's body, and increase one's sense of
meaning and purpose and direction.