Behavioral Medicine Consultant

Norman "Dr Blue" Katz, Ph.D.

Curricula Vitae

Norman W. Katz, Ph.D.  

University of Chicago - BA - Psychology -1970

Washington University - PhD - Clinical and Experimental Psychology 1975

Harvard University - Children’s Hospital/Judge Baker Guidance Center Boston MA, Clinical Internship  - 1972-3 

Washington University - Instructor - Psychological Evaluation -1975

Child Center of St Louis - Co-Director,  90 bed inpatient and outpatient child treatment center,  St Louis, MO 1974-75

Emergency Festival Mental Health Intervention - Director of Training and Research, Acid Rescue,  St Louis, MO - 1973-5 

University of New Mexico - Assistant Professor - Psychology - 1975-1980 

 Agora -UNM Suicide Prevention Center - Director - 1976-1978

 VA Hospital  Albuquerque NM - Neuropsychology and Inpatient Wards - Consultant -1976-1981 

UNM - Hypnosis Behavioral Science Laboratory Director - 1975-80 

International Society of Clinical Hypnosis - Advanced Psychotherapy Training - Co-Director (with Erika Fromm PhD) - 1980-87

Milton H Erickson Institute for Clinical Hypnosis and Behavioral Sciences of New Mexico Founder and Co Director 1981-1998

(founded in conjunction with Milton H. Erickson,MD)

Milton H Erickson Foundation Conferences - Guest lecturer -1985-1990

University of New Mexico Medical School - Director of Hypnosis Continuing Education Training - 1985-1998

University of New Mexico Medical School - Psychiatry and Family Practice Departments - Associate Clinical Professor -1982-1998

UNM - Psychiatry Department - Host Supervisor for Residents Training,  - 1981-1998

Erickson Institute of New Mexico - Private Practice,Behavioral Medicine Practice - 1981-1998

Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA.  Advanced Clinical Hypnosis Trainer, Co-Director - 1982-1995

Hospital Staff affiliations:  Presbyterian Medical Center Albuquerque NM, UNM Hospital, Children’s Psychiatric Center, Anna Kaseman Hospital  1985-1990

Kosmic Training Post Healing Center, Albuquerque New Mexico - Director - 2005-2010

Biofeedback Institute of San Francisco - Biofeedback Certification Training - 1998

Proseminar Institute of San Francisco, Continuing Education Training for Health Professionals, Board of Directors and Instructor, 1995-2000

Breathing University of New Mexico,  Consultant, Current

Kosmic Shaman Healing Center, Albuquerque NM - Director - 2010-2013

Happiness Institute Shengzen China -Advanced Gestalt Therapy and Behavioral Medicine Instructor -  2010-Current

Consultant in Behavioral Medicine, Taiwan -  Current

Soul Resources Hypnotherapy Center, Albuquerque NM - Curriculum Design Consultant  - 2013-2014

Evolve & Thrive Institute - Director - Current 

3SidedWhole Ranch Community Healing Events, Albuquerque/Santa Fe NM - Director, - Current

More details on any of these positions available by request

Publications and scientific papers citations available by request

 Current  as of January 2016