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Autogenics, a system backed by over 50 years of research and practice in Europe, combined with the vehicle of Ericksonian hypnotic communication. Used in the treatment of anxiety and to promote relaxation.

Autogenics Training

Autogenics - the antidote to the stress of everyday life.

Discover the magic of neurological self-tuning through the medical meditations of Autogenics!  Used by a majority of Olympic training teams, and throughout Europe in clinics and hospitals; Autogenic Training- is a proven, research based system, for balancing your nervous system and increasing creativity and health!

As you know, many in our society look for relief of stress through drugs, alcohol or other difficult paths. Autogenics offers relief from feelings of anxiety, insomnia, symptoms of auto-immune disorders, and other physical manifestations of stress.
Based on self-hypnosis, meditation, and neurophysiology AUTOGENIC TRAINING
can literally change your life by giving you a powerful tool to create a sense of well being and security in your mind/body.  It can be compared to tuning yourself like a musical instrument.

Easy to learn, Great for the holidays - enjoy inner bliss rather than overindulging in too much food or drink. 

Its original music was expressly written by the accomplished meditation expert ANUGAMA who is the recipient of numerous gold records and spent years of study with Rajneesh, the Indian sage.

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Norman "Dr Blue" Katz, Ph.D.

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Autogenics is a research based medically proven healing system. Originally based on medical hypnosis but expanded to include mindfulness meditation and Ericksonian hypnosis, Autogenics is a master healing system useful for both clinical treatment and peak performance in sports and business.

Developed in the Germany in the 1950’s, Autogenics is based on 250 years of hypnosis case reports and investigations by medical researchers Schultz and Luthe Over 600 research publications and many books are published in German, but only one major English reference book is available.

Training Instructions
Hypnosis by Dr, Katz, Music by Anugama

Autogenic comes from the Greek word “genos” and “autos” meaning “developed from within the self.” The procedure was first developed from medical hypnosis in Germany in the 1920’s by Dr. J.H. Schultz. More than 2,500 studies confirm the usefulness and wide applicability of autogenic training. 

Autogenic training is a psychological method of self-hypnosis to promote healthy reactions of mind and body and to integrate said reactions. The autogenic state is similar to hypnosis. Hypnotic imagery is used to enhance and deepen the autogenic process. The results of becoming proficient in the process may enable you to achieve rest, recuperation, self-relaxation,of the autonomic nervous system functions, pain relief, quicken sleep and better knowledge of self. All possible results are cannot be guaranteed, but have been noted in the research.

This Autogenic training CD is unique because it emphasizes the hypnotic aspects of autogenic training and uses an original music score written by German musician, Anugama, who is considered an expert in mediation and practices related to musical methods of producing peace of mind. Dr. Katz and Anugama worked together closely to produce this unique CD which supports self-hypnotic autogenic training both verbally and musically.

The CD has two tracks.

The first track includes all six standard autogenic training exercises including imagery and music. The second track is an expanded musical version of the score from the first track. You may learn autogenic relaxation with the verbal exercises for a time and then find that you can use the music to produce the same results without words. It may be easier or more pleasant for some of you in your advanced training to focus on the music without the necessity of using verbal training after you have become proficient.

It is best to train sitting in a straight back chair so you can train yourself to relax in a normal position without the need for lying down; however you can use the CD lying in a bed or sitting in a recliner.

In the standard courses of autogenic training you are given one of the 6 training exercises per week, for 6 weeks before you are allowed to practice the whole set together. You may want to work with each section of the verbal instructions before proceeding to entire set, especially if you are having difficulty working with the training program as a whole.

Investing your time in practicing Autogenic Training is actually creating a skill set. Your goal is to develop it to the point that is an automatic response, and can be used in many different stressful settings and circumstances. What you are learning by creating heaviness and warmth in your body is control of your blood flow throughout your body. This increased blood flow creates more subjective comfort as well as increasing the possibility of healing and tranquility. 

Autogenic Training is a technique of self-hypnosis; it must be practiced under controlled conditions. DO NOT use this CD in a moving vehicle as it may produce drowsiness and sleep which will most certainly interfere with your driving abilities.

If you are too relaxed once the CD is complete, you can awaken by stretching and yawning in an exaggerated manner. Using Autogenic Training process constitutes a meditative physical response in your body and can affect your mind and body arousal levels. It is expected to cause you to feel good and be healthy. If you become in any way uneasy, scared, anxious or feel pain or discomfort, simply turnoff the CD and stretch. These reactions are very unlikely. If the reactions persist, consult your physician or clinical psychologist. I encourage you to use the CD over and over, many times to so that you become proficient enough to call upon the Autogenic response comfortably when faced with many of life’s
demanding circumstances.

Norman w. Katz, Ph.D.

Behavioral Medicine Consultant and Hypnosis Expert