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Norman "Dr Blue" Katz, Ph.D.

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Dr Norman Katz, PhD

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Dr. Norman Katz, Ph.D.
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Norman W. Katz, Ph.D. has been practicing healing psychology evaluations and interventions for over 30 years.I was trained at Washington University in St Louis MO where I received a PhD in clinical and experimental psychology and interned at Harvard University Children's Hospital Clinics.  Since then I have taught and done research at the University of New Mexico, where I was an assistant professor in the Psychology Department and Associate Clinical Professor in the Medical School in Family Practice and Psychiatry. I founded the Erickson Institute for Clinical Hypnosis in 1970 with Milton H. Erickson MD and trained hundreds of physicians  in medical hypnosis. I  have taught internationally in China and  Southeast Asia in recent  years.

I offer services in the following areas: clinical  hypnosis for behavior change, including relaxation training, smoking cessation, weight loss and more.  We can work on problem solving for life issues; enhanced performance in sports, business and creativity. Hypnosis can assist in the management of stress, pain, and physical discomfort;  enhanced health, including  immune response, lifestyle change, etc; creating positive mood states, and alleviation of depression.  I also offer self hypnosis training, behavioral analysis and intervention, consultation with families  and groups.  Hypnosis for finding lost objects. regression  work for past lives, childhood issues and future enhancement.